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THIS Application can be fully operated using you mobile phone, supports iPhone and Android.

We will give you all the information needed for you to get started with using THIS.Deals providing your business with state of the art social network marketing tools.

Please take a look at our short business oriented video to get the general idea of how THIS may serve your business.

First this you nee to do is to create a business


Create you first business

For help on the signup process please refer to own users guide.

After you created your account you may notice the ☰ sign on the left menu,

click on it and the drawer will open, select ` 💼 Businesses` and you’ll transfer to the business management area


Just hit the + on the top right

A new form appears where you need to fill few mandatory fields of information regarding your business,

Select your logo and cover photo, business name, insert your business email address (it will be verified for security reasons), insert you business address,


In order So we can be sure that no one pretends to be your business owner, we require few pieces of information regarding you and your business:

  1. Business Tax ID.
  2. your business email address.
  3. Scan or picture of your business letter of incorporation.
  4. a picture of your ID.

Hit the ✔ on the left header and your business will be created in the THIS.Deals system,


Notice that we are waiting for you email confirmation.

Email confirmation

You’ll receive and email like this: (it may look a be different depending on you email)


Business validation

Just click validate, and you business will be reviewed by THIS.Deals in 24 hours (notice the text has changed to “Please wait while we validate your business”)

we would like to be certain that you are the owner or having the permissions by the business or company to represent the business, in case you have question or other documents you’ll wish to send please contact us by emailing me personally to THIS@THIS.Deals.

Once you’ll pass the validation stage we can start working together, in order to promote your business.

This is how your business should appear in your businesses section, Notice the 3 buttons for Permission | Products | Promotions where you can manage your offerings to your business costumers, manage stock and employees permisions.


Your business default group

Notice we have created a default group for your business where all your follower (Any one saved in your phone book that uses THIS.Deals application)

are automatically follow your business and your business default group.

Within the group feature you will find those views,

Groups preview, Feed,

Chat, and group info

As a user


Users Groups

Customers Segmentation




Promotion Approval


Followers logic

Employee  management

Loyalty programs